Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome to the MLP Family Mr. Paulino Holgado!

Felipe Umbert (left), Paulino Holgado (center), Enrique Umbert (right)
Enrique (GM) & Felipe Umbert (Ass. GM), officially welcoming Mr. Paulino Holgado (Salkantay native) into the company as the first local shareholder with preferential shares in Mountain Lodges of Peru, and making delivery of Mr. Paulino’s first dividend check. A historical event for the local communities.

Mr. Paulino Holgado, originally from the local town of Totora – a stone’s throw from the location of MLP’s ‘Colpa Lodge’ (3rd lodge in the Salkantay) – and community leader, was the first local person to express a desire to join MLP in its entrepreneurship efforts, by making an investment. To the surprise of his friends and neighbors, Mr. Holgado represents a visionary position for the local communities as they continue to develop and prepare themselves to embrace tourism under a more coordinated and sustainable environment.

We are proud and happy to have Mr. Paulino Holgado as part of Mountain Lodges of Peru, and hope this is only the beginning of a positive, sustainable and more revolutionary change towards social inclusion in the area.

Alongside this initiative MLP is also the main sponsor of YANAPANA PERU, MLP’s non-profit organizational partner, dedicated to various social responsibility and environmental sustainability projects in the Salkantay area, ranging from education, to nutrition and health, to Andean women empowerment, amongst others.

If you would like to know how YOU can create a positive impact, please contact us at

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are a young, vibrant, international company based in Cusco/Peru, specializing in high-end treks and individual travels throughout Peru – Adventure at its finest! Our philosophy is “true comfort & true service, amidst true adventure”

We are looking for talented, passionate people to join our Reservations Team in Cusco. If you have relevant functional and industry experience, are passionate about the outdoors and interested in living and working in Cusco, we would love to hear from you!
Requirements for a MLP Travel Specialist:
·        Excellent written and verbal English
·        Microsoft office and administrative skills
·        Ability in generating and nurturing leads, developing rapport with clients, and closing sales via email and on the phone
·        Professional and courteous communication with clients and excellent follow through
·        Comfortable working with numbers and light accounting
·        Personal experience traveling, especially in active/adventure travel
·        Passion for and in-depth knowledge of Peru
·        Natural curiosity, enthusiasm and initiative
·        Quick learner
·        Commitment for minimum one year

If you can identify with our philosophy and would like to work on a full-time basis as part of a young and fun team, please send a resume with cover letter to:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
Mountain Lodges of Peru

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YANAPANA PERU Supports the Communities!

During the 2011 rainy season (January and February), tourist activity is reduced significantly and many local and rural roads become impassable in the highlands of the Salkantay. During this time, Mountain Lodges of Peru's NGO YANAPANA PERU supports with training courses and workshops on social responsibility and ecology to MLP personnel and local service providers. Since the beginning of the year, YANAPANA PERU has donated clothes and raincoats to highland communities that live in extreme poverty around Soraypampa and Marcahuilla (where our 1st lodge, the Salkantay Lodge, is based). YANAPANA PERU also donated native potato seeds of premium quality to the Huayracmacchay community (where our 2nd lodge is located) in order to improve the productivity of such harvests. YANAPANA PERU continues giving support to new entrepreneurs and ventures in artisanal jam and textile production in the Mollepata community (at the start of our Lodge to Lodge trekking program). Some of the future plans for this year include the construction of an organic farm and irrigation facilities near the Manchayhuayco school to improve the nutrition for the children (the school is located a couple of hours north of Colpa Lodge, our 3rd lodge). In addition, YANAPANA PERU is supporting the construction of THE HOUSE OF COFFEE in a small farm in Lucmabamba, near our 4th lodge. This is a facility where travelers will learn more about the growth and processing of organic coffee, as well as enjoy a tasting and demonstration of the finished product. YANAPANA PERU will continue with these and its more than 40 projects to help improve the communities' economy, health and education. If you want to make a donation and support any of these projects or have more information about our other projects and how you can help, send an email to and we will gladly respond how you can help.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Season is on the GO!

Mountain Lodges of Peru announces the start of its 2011 Season! Our first group started its trek on March 1st and today they are well on their way to the Salkantay Pass at an elevation of 15,000ft! They must be definitely having a blast! Have you already booked your trip and are ready to have an experience of a lifetime?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With the 2010 season at its end, we are happy to announce our end of the year SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL RATE for our Fixed Departure Program of our Lodge to Lodge to Machu Picchu Trek, an incredible experience to a unique World Marvel!

Let's get to it!:

Receive a 20% discount for new bookings on our regular 2010 rate for trips to be made in our selected dates between November 2nd, 2010 and December 17th, 2010. Also, if you are coming alone, forget about Single Supplements since we are not charging for those!

Enjoy this amazing trip and take advantage of this great promotion! Come experience a trip of a lifetime!!

For more information about the promotion and trip conditions, please email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Friday, May 28, 2010

El Señor de los Temblores – An Incredible Cusco Festival

Nearly every country in Latin America has a history that includes the convergence of various cultures and religions over the past centuries. Dating back at least 500 years (and in most cases much, much longer) the continent’s landscape witnessed the often complicated combining of cultures throughout its various regions. Although these situations were often complex to say the least, the modern cultural landscape contains a variety of Latin American cultures that is so diverse, that it would be nearly impossible to study all of them within a single lifetime. Numerous modern-day festivals mark the calendar during various times of year, and Peru’s city of Cusco plays host to one of the most interesting – Lord of the Tremors (or “El Señor de Los Temblores”).

As many people know, Cusco’s celebratory calendar contains a list of great celebrations, including All Saints Day, Corpus Christi and Christmas. However, the festival of Lord of the Tremors starts early in the year (goes from late March – early April), and it represents a unique combination of Andean-Christian beliefs. According to the historical recordings surrounding the event, since 1650, Cusco has celebrated the moment when a canvas painting of Christ on the Cross protected the city of Cusco from a major earthquake. According to the story, the canvas prevented the quake from doing too much harm to the city, and since this event took place, the residents have celebrated this holiday to give thanks to Taitacha Temblores, the Lord of the Earthquakes. The festival’s main procession begins at the Cathedral of Cusco and continues through the city’s streets. While the crowd carries the canvas image that represents the canvas that protected the city, others offer a special crimson-colored flower, which was once used as an ancient offering to Andean deities and now represents the blood of Christ. For these reasons, this Peruvian Festival stands as one of the country’s most unique opportunities to witness the combination of Andean-Christian histories and beliefs.

It is a beautiful celebration, and one not to be missed for all those that visit the city of Cusco. The combination of traditions is richly impressive, and this festival promises to etch itself in the memories of all who participate since it is a truly unique experience in one of Peru’s most impressive cities.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ceviche; Seafood + lots of Lime Juice = Very Awesome

Almost every country in the world is known for a special type of cuisine, and Peru is among the most famous with its gastronomic contribution of ceviche. This delicate, always-fresh delicacy commonly contains fish or shellfish that is marinated in citrus juices with various local vegetables. From its Peruvian origins, ceviche has exploded in popularity and may now be found in almost every corner of the map. However, it goes without saying that if you want to try world’s the original ceviches, book a flight to Lima (or any other city in Peru) and prepare yourself for a truly amazing experience.

It’s still unclear exactly which language gave rise to the name “ceviche”, and theories include origins in Quechua, Spanish and Arabic. Although creating a tasty ceviche is an art that requires at least some practice, the steps for preparing the dish are relatively straightforward for its modern-day preparation. The process begins with cutting the fish into small pieces and then mixing with fresh, sliced vegetables (onion is a common ingredient). Various seasonings can then be added, and salt is one of the most popular due to its ability to strengthen the taste of the dish. After the seasonings, add lime juice and toss the fish and vegetables until the fish becomes “cooked”. Although this isn’t the most well-known way to “cook” seafood, the citric acids pickle the fish and allow it to safely be consumed (plus, it’s delicious). Although ceviche originally marinated for 3 hours before being served in its original recipe, the modern style of preparation allows it to be served immediately after tossing the fish in the lime juice – this will guarantee absolute freshness for everyone that has the pleasure of eating it.

Like most dishes that spread from country to country, the list of ceviche spin-offs has grown to include an incredible number of options. In fact, almost every country in Latin America has its own variation that includes a bit of the local flavor. These different versions commonly include ceviche with various types of fish, shrimp, and different shellfish. So if you’re looking for fresh seafood in Latin America, ceviche is the top recommendation on the menu, and if you’re looking for what are arguably the original ceviche recipes, make sure your itinerary includes a long stop in Peru.